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Here for modern-day warriors. For the ones who keep showing up.

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We are Victus

We started Victus Support because we want to contribute to a situation where military personnel, emergency personnel and other high performers suffer less from the cognitive and physical stress they endure throughout their careers, as well as the negative effects that stress has on their short-term and long-term performance and the perceived quality of life.

With this goal in mind, and together with a dedicated team of scientists, researchers, and master- and PhD students we have dedicated 9.000 hours to researching the target group(s), the different possibilities and outcomes, compounds and nutrients.

Victus aims to offer both immediate relief to present problems as well as a sustainable and easy-to-use solution. Besides that, we push hard to increase awareness and break taboos. While we see a positive shift in how the public handles emotional stress and mental health, a lot of effort is focused on treating the problem instead of preventing it -which is a bad approach in numerous different ways. It is our mission to add a crucial element to that equation.


Here for modern-day warriors. For the ones who keep showing up. For those who take dedication to another level and perform like no other. We see you.

We understand it takes more than the right nutrition to become a warrior, but it's a pretty great start.

And that's where we come in. By keeping your supplements simple and simply the best, backed by modern science.

Changing the status quo one day at a time, so you can do the very same. Whoever you are, whatever you do. We’re on your team.

Let’s nourish your inner warrior.


Victus (Latin)

vīctus (genitive victūs) (masc.) that which sustains life, means of living, sustenance, nourishment.