Optimising human performance through science.

Tabb, short for "The Academic Brain Balancer," combines 7 effective, meticulously balanced and complimentary nutrients that all support short and long-term cognitive performance.

Experiencing significant stress can impede functioning and decrease the quality of life.
Prolonged stress exposure can lead to anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders.
Reducing stress is essential to prevent the negative effects of chronic stress exposure.

Poor sleep quality not only impacts performance but also increases the risk of various physical and mental health issues.
Insomnia is becoming increasingly prevalent among high performing individuals.
Sleep quality is closely associated with stress management capabilities.

Cognitive performance
High performers encounter exceptional cognitive challenges, including chronic stress exposure and extreme physical and mental fatigue.
They often face multiple physical and psychological stressors, such as high cognitive demands and mental exhaustion.
Offering mental relief and relaxation without compromising alertness is essential.

Barr, an acronym for "Build, Aid, Recover, Repair", comprises seven effective, meticulously balanced and complementary compounds for both short and long-term physical support and recovery.

Experiencing muscle mass loss due to inadequate nutrition affects performance and increases vulnerability to injuries.
Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) is prevalent among all sorts of high-performing individuals.
Barr is formulated with ingredients that have been researched for their potential role in muscle recovery and performance.

High performers can undergo extensive wear and tear during extreme physical exercises.
Musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) and long-term osteoarthritis development are significant concerns in both physically demanding professions and sports.
These issues can negatively impact physical capacity.

Intense exercise often results in exercise-induced damage and wear & tear.
Insufficient calcium intake and higher-than-average calcium excretion.
Limited sun exposure can lead to vitamin D3 deficiencies, which can result in: fatigue, bone pain or achiness, muscle weakness, depression or feelings of sadness

Empowering the cognitive and physical resilience of high performers

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Barr, an acronym for "Build, Aid, Recover, Repair", consists of seven carefully balanced and complementary nutrients and was designed to recover and strengthen, and relieve high-performers from the negative effects of wear & tear. Barr is the most complete, most advanced full-body recovery bar currently on the market. 

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Tabb, an acronym for "The Academic Brain Booster" consists of seven carefully balanced and complementary compounds that all provide short and long-term cognitive aid. Tabb was developed for military personnel and other high-performing individuals that have to cope with high mental demands and all the negative effects related to that. 

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